How to open a brokerage account if you are a resident of Hungary?
Step 1. In the app, tap “Open account” → “Start.”

Step 2. Take photos of your documents — and of yourself. We only need this to open an account for you. All the data is encrypted and secured.

You’re gonna need:

The photo of your identity document. In the “Country of citizenship” section select Hungary. Then select the document you wish to use — a passport or an ID card — and take a photo. Make sure your name, photo, date, and place of birth, as well as the number of the document, are clear and readable.

The photo of your proof-of-address document. Lakcímet igazoló hatósági igazolvány will do perfectly. When taking a photo, make sure all four corners of the card are visible in the photo and the text is clear and readable.

We also accept:
  • Bank statements
  • Utility bills
  • Internet, TV, or telephone bills
  • Tax statements

Two-sided documents must have all sides photographed. Don’t take pictures of photocopies or images on the screen.

Important: you can’t use the same document both as proof of identity and proof of address.

Your selfie. Make sure your facial features are clearly visible. No other objects can be visible in the photo. Lighting and color should be balanced, not too dark or too light. If the photo isn’t valid the app will warn you.

Step 3. Answer some questions.

  • Your e-mail.
  • Do you have a business in a different country? If so, please select the country in which you do business.
  • What is your occupation?
  • Are you a politically exposed person? Or have you been a politically exposed person, its relative, or business partner in the last year? A politically exposed person is a person entrusted with important public functions within the country. For example, a statesman, head of a state corporation, a member of the Supreme Court, etc.
  • Where does the money for investment come from?
  • What is the size of your fortune?
  • What is your annual income?
  • For how long do you plan to invest?
  • What are your plans for monthly turnover?
  • How many transactions per month do you plan?
  • From and where to will you transfer money?
We mean:
  • What country issued the card (opened the banking account) by which you’re planning to top up your brokerage account?
  • What country issued the card (opened the banking account) you’re planning to use to withdraw money from your brokerage account?

Step 4. Wait until we verify everything. You can track the verification status in “Portfolio.”
  • If everything is OK, tap “Continue” once you get a notification.
  • If the verification isn’t passed, tap “Details.” We’ll explain what’s wrong and you’ll be able to make it right and try to pass the verification again.

Step 5. Sign the documents with an SMS code. We will open the account within a few minutes.

For more information check out our FAQ or contact support team.